Current Needs

Companies in Portugal are currently facing a shortage of qualified labor and are looking to the education system for an answer to this gap. Portuguese workers, current and future, need to embrace the skills that drive innovation, to adopt technologies and solve problems creatively, and the current educational model is not evolving fast enough to keep up with these needs in change.


Teachers, industry leaders, families and, more important, students, they all recognize the need for a change in traditional school. With this initiative we can start working with local and national schools, with all communities interested in education, including businesses, Fab Labs and other collective initiatives, in order to propose another possible learning path within the system Portuguese education.

PROBLEMS to be solved

The jobs for the next 10 years have not yet been invented. The education system at the moment can't meet this challenge. Therefore, it is urgent that the educational strategies should focus on soft skills (transversal competences/ interpersonal) identified for the 21st century. More and more multinational technology companies like Google and Amazon are investing in Portugal and do not have qualified human resources to meet these challenges in order to take these opportunities. ⅔ of Portuguese students are not continuing their studies for university. To To counteract this, it is necessary to include in the Portuguese curriculum Portuguese concrete activities, marketing, sales, entrepreneurship and communication skills. We must also integrate companies, local institutions, Fab Labs, initiatives education and schools on the same platform as development and education of young people.


What is a FAB LAB Bootcamp?

Fab Lab Bootcamps are events that happen once a year organized by the FAB FOUNDATION or locally by the Fab National Labs. Our event is a biennial event held by Lab Aberto Fab Lab, which takes place at the Lab Center in Torres Vedras, in Portugal. It offers immersive activities that can be executed or reproduced in our local community, either a Fab Lab, a school, a private or nonprofit institution profitable, fostering creativity, promoting critical thinking, improving technological literacy and enabling invention by providing access to tools for digital manufacturing. It brings together Fab Labs, professionals, education professionals, inventors, manufacturers, local associations and ordinary people.

What is a FAB LAB and what exists in an FAB LAB?

Fab lab are a global network of local laboratories, which enable invention through access to tools for digital manufacturing. Fab Labs share an evolving inventory of essential capabilities to do (almost) anything, allowing people and projects to be shared.


Operational, educational, technical, financial and logistics beyond what is available within each laboratory.


Fab Labs are available as a community resource, offering open access for individuals, as well scheduled access to entities


What's Webinar?

Abbreviated to web-seminar, a webinar is a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar broadcast over the web using video conferencing software. An important feature of a webinar is its interactive elements and the ability of a presenter to provide, receive and discuss information in real time. Typically viewers only watch the video and can ask questions and make comments via chat. Webinar is an online conference or videoconference for educational purposes, in which the communication is only one way, that is, the speaker expresses himself/herself while the participants can only express themselves through chat.

The webinar can take place either through a specific application, installed on each of the participants' computers, but also through a web platform that operates within the browser, where you simply enter the address of the site where the webinar is transmitted, most of the time a login is required.

This online meeting will be divided into two days, where a series of lectures by FabLabs coordinators, teachers and leaders of projects that share their experiences.