“How to build a school from a Fab Lab?”



Saturday, July 18 Events
14:00 Welcome Session António Gonçalves, Lab Aberto Fab Lab (Portugal)
Torres Vedras Municipality (Rep.) (CM Torres Vedras)
14:15 Talks Ana Alves Pereira, José Moura, FCT Nova (Portugal)
“Digital Fluency at FCT FabLab”
14:45 Hanne Voldborg Andersen, Fab@school Denmark (Denmark)
“Building Bridges to Future Learning Approaches with FabLab at Schools”
15:15 Miquel Carreras, Liceu Politecnic, Barcelona (Spain)
“FabLab@School Evaluation 5.0”
15:45 Michael Stone, Public Education Foundation (USA)
"Volkswagen eLabs: Reinventing K12 Education Through Digital Fabrication"
16:15 Break
16:30 Talks Tom Dubick, Charlotte Latin FabLab (USA)
"Fab Academy and Young People"
17:00 Liz Whitewolf, Fab Foundation (USA)
"Digital Design and Fabrication in the (Virtual) Classroom"
17:30 Hugo Silva, Instituto de Telecomunicações (Portugal)
"ScientIST: Scientific Experiments in the Field of Biomedical Engineering Supported by Mobile Devices and IoT"
18:00 Fernanda Rollo, FCSH, Nova University (Portugal)
(Theme to be defined soon)
Saturday, July 25 Events
14:00 Talks Mikko Rajanen, Oulu University (Finland)
"Safety Culture in Digital Fabrication: Professional, Social and Environmental Responsibilities"
14:30 João Feyo, OPOLAB (Portugal)
"How to run a Fab Lab without losing your money"
15:00 Break
15:30 Workshops/Demos 3D Quick and Easy: A Short Introduction (Mentors: Artur Coelho)
16:00 Minimal Robotic Arm with an Arduino and TinkerCAD (Mentors: António Gonçalves, João Simões)
16:30 Mobile animation - Do it at home (Mentor: Francisco Lança, Joana Imaginário)
17:00 Break
17:30 Fab Experience Overview of Fab Experience projects (Ferdinand Meier, KaLi FABLAB (Germany))
18:00 DiY Gel Dispenser (Mentors: André Rocha, Fab Lab Benfica; Michael Stone, Public Education Foundation)
18:30 BOX Polargraph (Mentors: Miguel Almeida, VIVALAB; Ricardo Pereira, HARDWARECITY)
19:00 IoT GreenHouse - Environment, Arduino, IoT (Mentor: Francisco Mendes, HARDWARECITY)